December 12 Update:

For thiose trying to talk a son or daughter out of recruitment or get them out after they've signed papers with recruiters, here are some resources:

The MOB website has a great deal of information, another the COM site has great resources here, of course, AFSC resources, the CAMS website here, CCCO here, and YANO here.

Here's a great resource with 14 points that recruiters never tell you and the facts, and another article from the same guy on the top 10 lies recruiters tell.

Text of the report on the famous Cincinnati undercover investigation into the lies. More pertinent facts and getting out of the delayed entry program.

New military rules for applying for Conscientious Objector status (scans of new rules with comments and explanations)

More at the bottom of this page

El Paso County PTA Board of Directors:

President - Dolly Handel
1st VP - Trish Nixon
2nd Vice President - LouAnn Dekleva
VP Membership - Julie Coffee
Secretary - Sandra Griffith
Treasurer/Safety Town - Jeanie Schaller
D-11 Liaison - open
D-20 Liaison - open
D-49 Liaison - Karen Hobson
Founders Day - Kathleen Zoll
Historian - Amy Tidwell
Immediate Past Pres. - Tami Hasling
Legislation - Jan Tanner
Reflections - Karen Hobson
Region 6 Director - Robert Zoll
Scholarships - Kathy Butler
Web Site - Ben Tanner

El Paso PTA Council Fall Training
Sat., August 5, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm / $5 per person
UCCS Campus, 1420 Austin Bluffs Blvd, Colo. Springs 80933
Contact: Colorado PTA Region 6 Director, Robert Zoll

To request a presentation contact the 
Colorado PTA office at 303-420-7820
Toll Free 1-888-225-8234 or
 send an email to with your name, 
location, 3 choices for dates including times, 
and best time to contact you. 
These workshops are free of charge. 

List of local PTAs (almost all elementary);

Counter recruitment protest January 26, 2006 at military job fair.

Information, emails, and phone numbers:

Opt Out form for D11 school district must be turned in by Friday, October 13, 2006. School Board member's email: Cox, Breazell, Christen, Wierman, Linebaugh. Superintendent at 1115 North El Paso St. . Colorado Springs, CO 80903, Fax: (719) 577-4546, Phone: (719) 520-2000

Meetings of Academy D20 Board of Education are held on the first and third Thursday (September 23) of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m., at the administration building at 7610 North Union Boulevard. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes; and can supplement verbal presentations with written reports, if desired. D20 website, board members email: Elrod, Krebs, Valorose, O'Rear, Taylor, Klayton. Superintendent Kenneth D Vedra, 7610 North Union Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, Fax: (719) 234-1299, Phone: (719) 234-1200

Harrison School District 2 Board of Education meetings are the third Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Educational Support Center (September 15) Superintendent Vic Meyers, 1060 Harrison Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, Fax: (719) 579-2019, Phone: (719) 579-2000, email form.

Lewis/Palmer, District 38 Board members email: Raintree, Eaton, Dekleva, Manning, Plank, Board meeting: 7:00 PM, Thursday, September 15, 2005, Administration Building, 146 Jefferson St., Monument, CO  80132

Manitou District 14 School Board meetings on September 12 for work session and September 24 for regular meeting. Board members email: Lowrey, Barnes, Rice, Lord, Farmer.

Cheyenne Mountain 12, School Board meeting are the last Monday (September 26) at Gold Camp Elementary, 1805 Preserve Drive, 719-475-6100. Superintendent Harlan E Else ,1118 West Cheyenne Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, Fax: (719) 475-6106, Phone: (719) 475-6100. Back to school night is Sept 14.

Widefield D3, Board of Ed meetings are the third Thursday (September 16) in the administration building at 1820 Main St. Widefield. Contact for BofE member is through the secretary at 719-391-3000. Superintendent Mark Hatchell, 1820 Main St., Colorado Springs, CO 80911, Fax: (719) 391-4372, Phone: (719) 391-3000.

Fountain/Fort Carson, District 8 school board meeting are the last Wednesday (September 28) in the administration building at 425 West Alabama. Call 382-1311 to confirm. School board members: Ermel 382-1203, Sholes-Johnson 382-7720, Welch 382-1300, Grubbs 382-8795, Hermann 382-3562.

Colorado Springs School District 11
Coronado HS / 328-3600 /  Parent Night was last week / School Newspaper Advisor - No Student Publication. 
Doherty HS /  328 - 6400 / Parent  Night was last week / School Newspaper Advisor - Scott Hovet @ 328-6557
Mitchell HS / 328 - 6600 / Parent Night was last week, deadline for forms is September 16, but registrar turns them in all year. Was posted on the back of the internet contract sent to parents. / School Newspaper Advisor - Jackie Swank - email address is:  swankjc@d11.0rg 
Palmer HS / 328-5000 / Parent Night was last week / Student Newspaper Advisor - Christine Hawkinson @ 328-5084
Tesla Educational Opportunity Center /520-2701/ Parent Night was last week; opr out forms due Sept 16; sent with parents package first of year/ School Newspaper Advisor - Natalia Brunton email address
Wasson HS / 328 2000 / Parent Night was last week; no idea if any form sent out; no deadline; just send letter to counseling / School Newspaper Advisor - Aurora Umana-Medina - 328 - 2186. Wasson staff directory with emails and phone numbers

Cheyenne Mountain District 12
Cheyenne Mountain HS  /475-6110 / Parent Night is Wed., Sept. 14th; no idea of any form sent out; no deadline; just send letter to counseling / Student Newspaper Advisor - Eric Austin @ Ext. 145

Air Academy Dist. 20
Air Academy HS - Why Bother?
Liberty HS / 282-1000 / Parent Night was last week / Student Newspaper Advisor - Pauline Hawkins @ 234 - 2373
Rampart HS / 594-9292 / Parent Night was last week /  Student Newspaper Advisor - Karen Cross @ 234-2150 or  Rosemary Clark @ Ext. 2022

Falcon District 49
Falcon HS  / 495 - 2261 / Parent Night was last week / Student Newspaper Advisor - Stephanie Nugent @ 495-1149 - Ext. 7016
Sand Creek HS / 572-0924 / Parent Night was last week; Principal, Lois Bay, "not sure" who sent that out; suggest I call the district office/ Student Newspaper Advisor - Carol Phillips @ 495-1187

Fountain Ft. Carson 8
Fountain Ft. Carson HS  / 382-1640 / Parent Night was last week / Student Newspaper Advisor - Ms. Grauber @ Call Voicemail

Harrison District 2
Harrison  HS  / 579-2080 / No Answer
Sierra  HS  / 579-2090 / Parent Night 21st but tentative from 6:00 - 8:00 pm; military recruiter is on campus every Tuesday / Student Newspaper Advisor - Mr Dwane Roberson @ Call front office

Widefield District 3
Mesa Ridge HS - 391-3625
Widefield HS - 391-3143

Lewis Palmer School District 38
Lewis Palmer HS
Teller County School District
Woodland Park HS
Jonathan will finish contacting these missing schools tomorrow.

1590 West Fillmore St. 80904
Main office: 328-3600
Registrar: 328-3615
Principal Susan Humphrey

4515 Barnes Road 80917
Main office: 328-6400
Registrar: 328-6406
Principal Jill Martin

1205 Potter Drive 80909
Main office: 328-6600
Registrar: 328-6615
Principal: Larry Cutter

301 N. Nevada Ave. 80903
Main office: 328-5000
Registrar: 328-5106

Principal: Tom Kelly

Assistant Principal: Larry Bartel

2115 Afton Way 80909
Main office: 328-2000
Registrar: 328-2015

Principal: Robert Slauson


1600 N. Union Blvd. 80909
Main office: 328-2200
Principal Clay Gomez

2455 Mesa Road 80904
Main office: 328-3800
Principal Brenda LeBrasse

1702 N. Murray Blvd. 80915
Main office: 328-6900
Principal Karen Gidley

6410 Austin Bluffs Parkway 80918
Main office: 328-5300
Principal Ken Potman

1001 E. Van Buren St. 80907
Main office: 328-2300
Principal Rusty Moomey

Main office: 328-2400
Principal Martha Crisp

3825 E. Montebello Drive 80918
Main office: 328-5200
Principal Jeanice Swift

3605 N. Carefree Circle 80917
Main office: 328-7000
Principal Berry Swenson

1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. 80904
Main office: 328-3900
Principal Joe Torrez

Complete No Child Left Behind law, and section 9528 giving personal information to military recruiters, and the Pentagon database website for JAMRS.

ePetition to congress to stop the illegal Pentagon JAMRS database, and their phone number: 703-428-0711.

The Privacy Protection Act HR551, to change NCLB to an "opt IN" statute, is here, and an ePetition to urge your congressperson to support the bill is here.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provisions that also protect students is HERE.
Pentagon's StarBase website for recruiting socio-economically challenged children 6-18 using the Star Trek name and type font. I've written Paramount Pictures to inquire.

"Network Opposed to the Militarization of Youth" website: You And The, with year long counter recruitment mobilization, and activist's tool kit (PDF).

A good article from the Washington Post, information from the San Francisco Chronicle, and several valuable links are posted here.

Coverage so far (2005) of Camp Casey and the first opt out action at Palmer HS from the Denver Post, Gazette, and Rocky Mountain News.

The Leave My Child Alone Orientation was held on the Colorado College campus, in Gaylord Hall (Worner Center, corner of Cascade and Cache la Poudre) on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 6:30 pm. An 11 minute film was shown and a planning, training, brainstorm session followed. The task is: how to most effectively get high school seniors to opt out of the No Child Left Behind provision 9528, that gives their personal information to military recruiters. Refreshments, documents, posters, websites, and other information will be provided.