St. Patrick's Day Massacre of Civil Rights

"St Paddy 7" Press Conference after all charges are dropped

Video of the press conference in front of the courthouse

Trial reports:

John Weiss' Indy editorial

GAGzette report

New Trial of ONLY Elizabeth and Eric

Mark Lewis letter to INDY editor Oct 11

Durland Letter to GAGzette October 10

Tractor Gurlie photos, GAGzette blog, Preacher Roy and Lexi (tractor gurlie) and comments here

A new video of spectator photos found the weekend after the trial (Aug 27) Some new perspectives on Eric, Esther, and Elizabeth:

Here's a new video (Aug 19) from photos and police radio traffic gotten through subpoena and discovery, showing no obstruction, police brutality, and closeups of Elizabeth's wounds:

Since the "St Paddy 7" are charged with obstructing a passageway, here is a NEW (August 17) video that PROVES, there was no obstruction at any time, and of course, no INTENT to obstruct:

Video PROVING no obstruction.

Also showing Eric thrown down, Esther thrown down, and Elizabeth dragged off

Video PROVING no obstruction

The Springs Police Chief Myers says cops didn't do anything wrong at the St. Patrick's day parade, and council member Gallagher agrees! (On Monday, that is. On Tuesday Mr. Gallagher had nothing to say after seeing the video below) The council session will be shown on cable ch 18 this Saturday, May 12 in the afternoon. I shot video of the entire thing, so look here for updates.

Videos of chief Myers Q&A for ACLU Annual meeting

Police Chief Mayors gave his after-action report to Colorado Springs City Council Monday and Tuesday on events that led to seven peace activists being arrested amid accusations of police brutality. We responded Tuesday, May 8 with 7 speakers and this video:

Video shown to city council and police chief

Slow motion of Elizabeth being pulled over

Esther is pulled down in the street

Bill Durland is pulled down in the street

Arrest of the "Dairy Queen Dozen"

Now, what does that have to do with the "St. Paddy's 7"? Funny you should ask. The lead arresting officer is both embarrassments of the force and the city are the one-and-only (wait for it) Officer Erwin Paladino! Remember him? He dragged Elizabeth across the street! First cop on the scene, he was standing in the street to stop us because we didn't have a permit to walk in the parade. (we did) He's the one that pulled Eric out of the van and down in the street, then put Esther down in the street on top of Eric, twisting her arm for good measure.

Well in 2003, after the protests at Palmer Park and Pete Field were over, a few people went OT have lunch at the Dairy Queen. It's near Pete Field, but out in the county where the CSPD have no jurisdiction. Our little cowboy cop decides he hasn't arrested enough people that day, so he goes over to the Dairy Queen (leaves the city where he has jurisdiction) walks inside and tells everyone if you aren't buying food you'll be arrested. People going to the car to get money are arrested. People coming outside to see what's going on are arrested. People who were not at either protest are arrested. People sitting in the van waiting to drive back to Boulder are told if you don't start walking you'll be arrested and they are. The city, of course, looses the lawsuits and the recent public forum was part of the settlement, ironically, a month after the arrests and brutalization of elderly people in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And who is there for all the fun and games at both events? Erwin Paladino, of course.

Mark Lewis speaks to council with slo mo video

Bill Durland's statement to council pt. 1

Durland's statement pt. 2

Jim White at city council

Brian Wolfe at city council

Molly eaves at city council

Eric Verlo at city council

Elizabeth Fineron speaks to city council

gagzette Story is here, and comments at the bottom

Listen to the MP3 of today's Western Skies show, here


Slideshow of the parade on YouTube

Click here for city council email addresses and PLEASE write them about this!

Eric's address to city council

Parade organizer, John O'Donnell statements from gagzette and Toilet Paper

Emails with city council promising the details on city subsidy of the parade that never came

News reports at the bottom

New photos from Darla 4/1/07

The original roadblock of our redneck lookalike cowering behind a cop's gun

We are stopped and begin explaining the permit issue

Mark, Bill, Molly explain the permit mixup to Erwin Paladino and parade officials

Parade official still claiming we have no permit and just crashed the parade uninvited

Parade official gets on the phone to O'Donnel to tell him the bad news: we do have a permit

Elizabeth tries to explain that we do have a permit

Elizabeth asks for and does not receive name and badge number

Eric and Esther are thrown to the ground and Kathy comes to their aid

Elizabeth, with pad and pen in hand, asking again for names and badge numbers

Erwin Paladino keeps yelling at Eric to shut up about having a permit

Parade official pushes 65 year old woman like some demented, redneck punk

It takes 2 cops to drag Elizabeth off

Still frame from video shows Elizabeth being pulled off her feet

They drag 65 year old Elizabeth across Tejon after asking for names and badge numbers

Elizabeth, dumped on the side of the road like garbage

Elizabeth starts to pull up her pants as I get 1 more photo

Bystanders help Elizabeth pull up her pants

Eric pushed past Elizabeth, who is finally has her pants up

Wreede breaks Molly's banner, then tries to take it from her

Elizabeth rides to the hospital with Esther

Just after parade official tried to stop this photo and I told him to back off

Esther gets a knee in the back and an arm twist for helping Eric

Frank gets an illegal choke hold from a man sworn to uphold the law, Officer Wreede

Frank poors ashes out in front of President Carter at the SALT II signing

Frank's illegal choke hold continues without the jaw hinge pressure point aspect

Erwin Paladino almost breaks the key off, while telling Eric to drive off the street

Erwin Paladino twists Eric's arm behind his back and drags him from the van

Erwin Paladino cuffs Eric in the Bookmobile as our little friend looks for more trouble to start

Eric is thrown to the ground and handcuffed for having a permit and peaceful disposition

Bill is handcuffed and dragged away

Bill's first contact with the medical team

Bill gets medical attention for 180 over 110 stroke level blood pressure

Erwin Paladino tells us the parade official says we don't have a permit

Cops fires his taser indiscriminately to scare away the permit holders

What I think of certain members of the CSPD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth courageously displays her wounds before her ambulance ride

Bruises on Elizabeth's arm from police brutality

Bill Durland is lifted completely off the ground as Kathy Verlo is strong armed

Erwin Paladino processes Peter Sprunger Froese

Ester gets some badly needed medical attention as her wrist swells

After the fact, the fact checkers finally check the facts

Marie tries to comfort one daughter as the other guards the permit tag from "loss"

Staging and marching before the brutality

Since we have been accused of sneaking onto the parade from a side street without a permit, and hiding our signs so parade officials wouldn't know what we were doing, these photos are offered as evidence that all that is CYA bullshit, or more accurately BUSHit

Jim, Jeff, and Bill pose with the J&P Banner

Frank, Genie, Dr. Haymes, and John talk before the parade

Dr. Haymes and Peter pose before the parade

Staging before the parade with all banners out and visible to all

Just before the parade when officials decide to put another float in front of us

Just before we're given the OK to proceed by parade officials

Just as we start down Tejon Street

We're finally on our way down Tejon

PPJPC is in front at first, but later moves back in the crowd

Colorado College Chaplain, Kate Holbrooke, and board member, Criz Stoddard

Little ladies enjoy the parade and the great welcome from the crowd

Dr. Stephen Haymes and Frank Cordaro have fun for 2 blocks before being welcomed to Colorado Springs

Photos below courtesy of Abby Nimz

Another angle of Frank Candor under an illegal choke hold

Bill Durland is cuffed as the Martian Ambassador rides past

Elizabeth asks even louder for names and badge numbers

Molly has her banner ripped away by officer Meyers after it's broken

Still frame from video showing Molly being choked

New Photos, found 1 day after the trial, from another bystander

Eric is pulled from the van, looses his footing and grabs the door

Eric is outside the van as several try to calm Paladino

Esther is pulled off her feet as she tries to leave Tejon

Elizabeth begs the police to stiop being violent

Marie and Patty beg the police to stop being violent

Elizabeth is dragged away as 2 federal corrections officers watch


News Coverage so far

compiled news reports; all inaccurate

October 2 GAGzette report on the 2 new trials of Elizabeth and Eric

Parade letters from Kathy Verlo and Ed Billings; Merrifield letter from Fornander

GAGzette coverage of "St. Paddy's Seven" in court by Deedee Corell ... after Rappold has to retract

Gagzette reports St. Paddy's Day is private and no free speech is allowed (comments at bottom)

Retraction published Tues, April 10:

CC political science prof. Bob Loevy's email address (Featured in above news report) to write him and rebut his contention this was all a publicity stunt done on purpose. Complete email exchnage with prof. Loevy

Letters in INDY on St. Patrick's Day parade including invitation for Town Hall forum

Dennis Apuan and Tim Rowan letter on St. Patty's Day parade lies (comments below)

Jim White's letter to the gagzette on it's shitty coverage

Mark Lewis' letter to gazette on St. Patrick's Day "massacre"

Mother Jones

CBS4 in Denver

UCCS Scribe,  Non Prophet

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police blotter (scroll down)

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KRCC audio of entire city council address on police brutality
KRCC transcripts (and audio) of interviews and council addresses
Loring Wirbel letter to Gazette on parade and 1st amendment
City Council emails and talking points to write them about police brutality

John O'Donnell, parade organizer op/ed bullshit in Gagzette

Police brutality at St. Patrick's Day parade is cover story in INDY

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Frank Cordaro joins protest on the 4th anniversary in Iowa City, Iowa

4 Mile Creek (Iowa) board member, Thomas McCullock, Cynthia Lang, Gentry, Markley, Cabrera letters about police brutality

2 more letters to editor of gagzette on parade

Eric Verlo and Jonathan Wuerth letters on St. Patrick's Day Massacre
Cops say people injured being dragged from street to protect them; callers applaud their "restraint" (and war is peace, up is down)
Parade organizer: "we allow candidates and political parties, but never, ever a social group"
Cops call for people with film of St. Patrick's Day Massacre to give it to them to "loose"
KRDO original coverage
CBS Denver coverage of St. Patty's Day Massacre with photos
Gazette report
KKTV has the best and most honest coverage
KOAA coverage from a producer's husband
KRDO, who wasn't anywhere around, used the photos I sent, and police statements
Denver Post coverage with slideshow
Culture Cast will have a video Monday.

Eric's interview on Western Skies with Eric Whitney

Daily KOS coverage

Colorado Confidential by Cara DeGette

Anyone who wishes to register a police brutality complaint with the police regarding the St. Patrick's Day parade incident (you don't have to be an arrestee to do so) please pick up a complaint form at police headquarters. Also, we ask anyone who considers him or herself a witness or who has pictures which help establish what happened, to please call police headquarters and tell what you saw. We suggest the latter since the media is implying that all the calls being received by police are supportive of police behavior and of the removal of peace marchers from the parade.

Send your photos to Contact(at)

Thank you.

The police blotter. A disturbing pack of lies and second hand misinformation. Notice, that they confirm they were told that we didn't have a permit, but call us "protesters" and claim we all refused to leave. Only 2 sat down and the rest were thrown to the ground, of were violently removed without every being on the ground. They can't get the facts and evidence straight any better than the media, but they're armed and dangerous:

Incident Date

March 17, 2007
1:15:00 PM
Professional Standards
Shift I
Tejon & St. Vrain
Officials at the St. Patrick's Day Parade notified CSPD Officers that a group was attempting to march in the parade without a permit, and that they had an anti-war message that was in violation even if they had a permit. Officers contacted the approx 45 protestors and advised them that the parade officals were prohibiting them from the parade, and that they needed to leave the parade route. The protestors refused and a conversation of several minutes followed, and all but seven protestors left the route. The remaining seven were given additional lawful orders to leave the route and they refused, sitting on the street and being uncooperative with the officers. The seven had to be physically removed from the route and were served and released for "Failure to Desist or Disperse." On female protestor received an abrasion to her hip and was transported to the hospital.
Adults Arrested
Molly Eaves, Peter Froese, Betty Kerwin, Eric Verlo, Frank Cordaro, Elizabeth Fineron, William Durland
Media Contact Name and Phone Number:      Lt. Cintron       444-7412