Army revision of the new expansion map of July 6, 2007

Below is the just released map (Oct 24) and acreage estimates by county that Not 1 More Acre got through a lawsuit, which shows, just as they have claimed from the start, that the Army has planned since 2004 to take million acres, or 10,800 square miles of S.E. Colorado, and displace 17,000 people!


Map of proposed expansion issued by Ft. Carson to coverup detailed plans

Map leaked from Fort Carson showing the true Army plan: 18 years of Eminent Domain seizures to expand the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site

Map of 18 years of Eminent Domain seizures redone (printable version available from: contact(at)

Map of landowners that are committed to No Sale to the Army

Topo map of the PCMS and present border along the Purgatory River, with expected expansion south and east into the canyonlands, ranches, and towns

Satellite map of proposed expansion area

Map of PCMS expansion of 8,800 sq. miles overlayed on Springs and Denver

Map of Colorado Natural Heritage proposed protection area inside PCMS expansion

Map of the Santa Fe Trail (Mountain Branch) through Colorado

Historical map of Old Bent's Fort, NA tribes, Santa Fe Trail

Map of Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway in Colorado

148 satellite photos of the 181 miles of Santa Fe Trail in Colorado

Satellite map of Dinosaur tracks

Basic road map of Dinosaur tracks

Topo map of Dinosaur tracks (download to print)

Forest Service map of PicketWire and Dino tracks

Complete map of visable Dinosaur tracks

List of topo maps of Comanche National Grasslands

Detailed information on 7 recreation sites in Comanche National Grasslands

Map of the 21,000 acres the Army gave back after the botched 1980 Environmental Impact Statement

Wind Map of Colorado showing GOOD area for wind generation in PCMS

Map of Rocky Mountain Arsenal underground water pollution coming to the PCMS

Soil moisture study by Dr. Matt Nolan; blue is wetter, red is dryer

Soil moisture tests, and 6 Quicktime VRs of the PCMS by Dr. Matt Nolan from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Satellite map of Pinon Canyon and S.E. Colorado

Map of proposed building on existing PCMS after 10,000 more arrive

Click for topo map of Parcel 1A expansion plans

Click for satellite map Parcel 1A expansion plans

Click for satellite map of Parcel 1B expansion plans