Amendment 47 Opposition Talking Points

1. Out of state groups, like NRWC, funded by corporate PACs, are driving this effort in Colorado, as in 22 other states.
2. Taft-Hartley outlawed union membership as a condition of employment ("closed shop") in 1947 and it's still illegal in the US and Colorado.
3. Firing an employee for failure to pay union dues is illegal under Taft-Hartley in the US and Colorado.
4. Union members in Colorado are only 8.7% of workforce, and those covered by union negotiated contracts, whether members or not, are only 9.2%.
5. National union membership is 12% down, from 20.1% in 1983.
6. Union shops from other states will not support nonunion shops here for conventions, concerts, theater, etc.
7. It will cost $25-35 million to keep unions healthy in the state and fight to out of state groups trying to lower the standard of living here.
8. Union busting efforts like this are a violation of Libertarian and Conservative principles of government hands off labor.
9. Workers in "right to work" states earn on average $3,500 - $5,300 a year less than workers in free bargaining states.
10. Only one Right to Work state out of 22 has per capita personal income above the national average.
11. Of the 15 states with the highest average hourly earnings for manufacturing workers 14 or 93% are free bargaining states.
12. Workers with health care coverage in free states is 23% higher than Right to Work state.
13. Unemployment benefits are 20% more in free bargaining states.
14. Workers compensation benefits for injured workers in "right to work" states are 20% less than free states.
15. The rate of workplace death is 51% higher in "right to work" states, so lawsuits are much more common.
16. "Right to work" states spend $1,699 less on elementary and secondary students than free bargaining states, due to teacher's union busting.
18. Infant mortality rate in "right to work" states is 17% higher than in other states.
19. The poverty rate is 12.5%t compared with 10.2% in free bargaining states.
20. The Supreme Court has ruled that a union must represent all employees in a bargaining unit whether or not they are members of the union.
21. Income taxes will fall in direct proportion to lower wages.
22. Hispanic union members earn 50% more each week than nonunion Hispanics, and African Americans earn 31% more each week if they are union members.
23. Nationally, the gap between men's and women's pay is 32%, but between all men and union women the gap is only 5 percent.
24. 44% of signatures were rejected and "right to work" workers were taped lying to people to get them to sign the petition.
25. Anti worker changes in "right to work" states include: reductions in vacation, holiday, severance, or sick pay, easier firings, less rest periods, breaks, lunch breaks, holidays  off, or vacations, less premium pay for weekends or holidays worked, reduced pay raises or fringe benefits, less limits on the number of hours an employee can work per day or week for those 16 years of age or older.

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