1. this war memorial is a legitimate tribute to the sacrifice of the fallen, regardless of any apparent political disagreement
2. The peace banners and signs at Camp Casey were removed to the inside of the tents, out of sight, to respect those that disagree with the message
3. it's cynical slander to suggest that a peace activist would not have the same grief as anyone else over a fallen soldier
4. people don't join a foreign policy when they join the military
5. the prowar movement cannot say a soldier agrees with a foreign policy because a good soldier follows orders wherever they lead
6. there is no implied agreement with interventionist foreign policy because someone is in the military
7. there is no implied agreement with the Iraq invasion and occupation because someone is in the National Guard
8. the National Guard is a domestic security backup force and enlistment cannot be extrapolated into political agreement
9. peace activism is as patriotic as any endeavor
10. it is harmful to the psyche of the troops for the prowar movement to deny they receive the support of the peace movement
11. choosing diplomacy over warfare is not anti soldier
12. anti war is not anti warrior
13. prowar is inherently pro big government
14. prowar is inherently pro deficit spending
15. prowar is inherently pro nation building
16. invasion for self defense is hypocritical and oxymoronic
17. Regime change is inherently undemocratic
18. only the congress can declare war, all else is unconstitutional
19. preemptive war cannot be self defense
20. war without a declaration from congress is just the violation of checks and balances the founding fathers tried to stop
21. nationalism is not patriotism

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