This is the map released yesterday In Pueblo, June 7, 2007, by the Army, of what it says is the first sections it wants for expansion of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) in an overlay of teh map of UNWILLING sellers. They told Senator Allard that they had willing sellers for all this land, but as you can see from the map of unwilling sellers, (in red) that's a big ass bullshit LIE! I guess I should say another big assed LIE in a long line of LIES from the Army. Yellow on this map is state owned land, in other words, belongs to everyone. As you can see from the earlier leaked map, they have simply decided to put the large western section they were going to grab 13-16 years from now, up to phase 1. The area south of the existing PCMS was called section 1A, and is almost entirely unwillinbg sellers.