RECENT EVENTS (September 1)
Some of the events mentioned that indicate we need to push even more:
1.    The release of the LURS by the Army last week indicates an ongoing committment on the Army's behalf to push this through.
2.    The recent reference by the DOD that the DOD had received a 'request for waiver of the moratorium on land acquisitions relative to PCMS'.
3.    The announcement by some in position to know that at least two more bases will be closed in the US - as yet unannounced - that will put even more troop pressures on Colorado.


The Land Use Requirement Study was released last week to Michael de Yoanna at the Independent

It PROVES again the existance of a plan, which the Army has consistantly said does NOT exist,

and that plan is calculated to the acre, AND it doesn't make logical sense.

The redacted information doesn't make much sense either.  The acreage is redacted repeatedly, but one should note that the size of the redactions seem to reveal at least one million acres plus (a 6 digit figure doesn't fill the blank but a 7 digit figure does with ease). 
Some quotes from the LURS (more to follow soon):
"By demonstrating vision now and acting on a window of opportunity to acquire land at attractive prices, The Army has a unique opportunity to get conditions for successful training for decades into the future. " (page vii)
"When these factors are combined with a fleeting window of opportunity to acquire large tracts of training land at very competitive prices, it becomes obvious that the Army must move quickly on this acquisition.   (page viii)
"PCMS offers an area within the continental United States, outside of the NTC (National Training Center), for training brigades to exercise all their battlefield operating systems over doctrinal distances.  ...The Future Forces are more maneuverable and leverage state of the art command and control with extended weapons ranges, creating a more complex battlefield environment that the Current Force operates within."  (p 16) 
This quote opens the door for many more training ranges on a new parcel including one that can handle long distance artillery and would  require an impact range to be fully realistic."
We will put the LURS on line as soon as we can get it to a readable condition with highlights for you to review. 
We have to keep the pressure on our leadership and push to get this heard at all levels!!  Keep putting efforts into contacting the media and keeping it out in the public eye also!! 
Most of it is stuff in the recently released LURS we already knew or suspected. Here's an interesting experiment that supports our suspicion that they are after the entire southeastern corner of the state as indicated on the leaked map.  I calculated the font and size that was used on the LURS; Times Roman 12 pt. Here's what it looks like if you fill in the blanked-out space in the several instances where the land shortfall is specified with a six-digit number like 450,000:

As you can see, it leaves a lot of empty white space.

And here's what it looks like when you fill in the blanked-out space with a seven-digit number like 2,500,000:

It fits into the blank perfectly.  Of course we can't know what the actual number is, but we can be sure it is seven digits.  This suggests that the LURS is addressing the whole enchilada.  I tried this in all of the blanked-out spaces which specify the shortfall and it fits each one. 

Another interesting thing:  On page 24, paragraph two, it talks about their "training scenario" in which "simulated forces move toward PCMS boundary from Kansas across the eastern Colorado prairie or through southern Colorado from New Mexico."  It goes on to bemoan the fact that this simulation, "does not afford the individual soldier the chance to employ his weapon system at full capability nor leaders the opportunity to practice command and control over doctrinal distances". 

The paragraph concludes with the statement that such simulations, "cannot substitute for the ability to maneuver full formations over doctrinal distances". In other words, they don't want to simulate the enemy advancing upon Pinon Canyon from the Kansas and New Mexico borders, they want to acquire that entire area for realistic training.  

Through out the LURS TC 25-1 is referenced as the source of "doctrinal distances" that calculations are based upon.  Here's what TC 25-1 indicates as the requirement for Brigade Unit of Action:

This 150x150 km maneuver box has appeared elsewhere, (Robert Stack interview.)  It converts to 5,559,871.08 acres.  Look at page 1 of the LURS. It says, "As Future Force Units of Action (AU) requirements are developed, their Area of Operation will be up to 17,700".

This converts to 4,373,765.25 acres. Both of these numbers are more than the 2.5 million on the leaked map, but who says the Army would, or has to stop at the state line? 

One more tidbit:  The words, "The Nature Conservancy" fit perfectly into the blanked-out spaces on page vii paragraph 1.

This quote from the LURS has 3 very important facets. First it calls into question the decision of the Eminent Domain seizure of the existing PCMS as the best alternative for training, given the area NOT availible for training. That, or course, applies to the plans to seizr more square miles to expand the PCMS.

Second, it makes the point that the areas around and feeding into he Purgatory River are being polluted with Lead, Depleted Uranium, and, in the case of the so-called "green ammo", which has been documented to be anything but "green", Tungsten and Tin. This is an issue for everyone drinking, watering cattle, or growing crops down to the John Martin Reservour and then the Arkansas River downstream to the Gulf of Mexico.

The third thing this documents is the decision to expand the PCMS in this canyon area to the east, which is at least as impacted by unusable training grounds from canyons, artifacts, Petroglyphs, burial grounds, the Sante Fe Trail, Dinosaur tracks, etc., as the existing PCMS, is a mistake on top of a mistake.

This is the redacted square kilometers needed for the training of the incrreased troop levels at Fort Carson.

This is the 8x31 kilometer box that PCMS has now that will support battalion size training

This is the acreage of the existing PCMS unvailible for training: