PIÑON CANYON    Property owners won't quit in fight to save land    

Contrary to the opinion expressed in "Kicking a dead heifer," the ranchers and rural community members of southeastern Colorado respect and support our troops; always have, always will (Our View, Oct. 4).
   Our most recent Freedom of Information Act request seeks to know the mechanisms and expenditures employed by the Pentagon and the Army. The Pentagon, Army and Colorado’s U.S. senators have repeatedly said that there are not only willing sellers, but that there are so many, the expansion can be done without the use of eminent domain. We want to understand how they determined that. Our land and lives are at stake.
   Other questions that arise include: Why should the Pentagon be allowed to spread these rumors in the media but not disclose the basis for their claims in public? Just how far down the path of expansion have they really gone?
   The editorial ended by asking, "Don't the cows need tending?" As generational family ranchers and rural residents, we have flourished for the past 100-plus years by being responsible and taking on any and every problem or issue that threatens our land, livelihoods, communities and heritage. We stand up, lean into and shoulder responsibility whether we are faced with severe weather or an ill-conceived, fiscally irresponsible plan to take away all that we stand for and what's truly best for our country. We do all this while continuing to make it a priority to tend to the cows.
   Lon Robertson