Senator Allard's press release on the Defense Authorization Bill amendment to require the following fro the Army before proceding with the expansion of Pinon Canyon Maneuver Area:

Fort Carson's current and future training requirements
· Whether the Army can complete the expansion with willing sellers
· Whether alternatives were considered that do not require the expansion of Pinon Canyon
· The economic impact on local communities
· The environmental impact of the expansion
· The estimated costs of the expansion
· Whether the options for compensating local communities for the loss of property tax revenues were considered
· Whether options for the expansion can be carried out with transactions such as land exchanges, leases, or the purchase of easements with willing sellers.

S.AMDT.4296 Amendment SA 4296 proposed by Senator Warner for Senator Allard. (consideration: CR S5995-6004; text: CR S5996)
To prohibit the acquisition by the Secretary of the Army of real property to expand the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site until the Secretary submits a report analyzing such expansion and provides to the congressional defense committees the extent to which the expansion could be carried out through transactions with willing sellers of the privately held land.

From the bill itself:

(Sec. 2828) Prohibits the Secretary of the Army from carrying out any acquisition of real property to expand the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site at Fort Carson, Colorado, until 30 days after such Secretary submits to the defense and appropriations committees an analysis of any potential expansion of the military training range there. Requires such Secretary to report to such committees an assessment of the training ranges operated to support major Army units.