PCMS Prison

These photos were sent to me from a buddy in S.E. Colorado taken this summer (2007) of some very suspicious deliveries to the Army's PCMS training maneuver site just north of Trinidad. Hundreds of these prison cells and septic tanks were shipped on trucks and railcars through Walsenburg this summer, along hwy 7, then hwy10 and "followed to the PCMS main gate on hwy 350". The transports ended in the fall of this year. The number of the cell in the photograph is CB257. The last cells seen had numbers in the 400s.

I'm sorry but I don't have the originals yet, but will post them soon. Any ideas as to what these are email me: contact@csaction.org

Inside view of cell as prison guard would see

Door closeups of module of 2 cells

Outside view of cell that would face outdoors

View inside the cell

Apparent septic tanks for each pair of cells

Who knows what the hell this is? Some other type of module

Unknown 3rd type of module, under wraps headed to PCMS prison