Political Artwork

Through time animation for DVD intro on 4 years on antiwar

Liberty animation for intro to March 18, 2008, Iraq War 4th Anniversary rally:

Slideshow of political artwork

Waterboarding of Lady Liberty

PCMS expansion "negotiations"

Geo Thermal house

Geothermal house with passive solar

Global Warming


Tomb Stones with several statements

Cannon Fodder

No "W"

Oil and Blood Don't Mix!

Oil and Blood Don't Mix, version 2

Democracy River

Another voting project

Another voting message

Homeland Security, since 1492

Separations of powers

Patriot Act message

Patriot Act, version 2

Patriot Act, version 3

Marriage Amendment

Stop Bush Sign

Bush's DNA

bush administration's deficits

Another version on bush administration's deficits

Kerry Poster

Meat Grinder of war in Iraq

No More Blood for Oil

4 No Draft Bumper Stickers

bush/cheney parody bumper stickers

Iwo Jima

Mothering Mother Earth version 1

Mothering Mother Earth version 2

Mothering Mother Earth version 3

Mothering Mother Earth final version. With Robin Shankman

No War

Think Outside the Box

Scalar Weapon designed by Nicola Tesla

Pikes Peak Justice & Peace graphic

United for Peace and Justice graphic

All art is above copywrited by Mark4Lewis [at] adelphia {dot} net, but may be used, with written permission, by non profit organizatons for non profit work. Custom art and animations are availible in a variety of forms.

"The Wrecking Crew" by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Productions

"Demon Bush" by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Productions

Flag by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Producitons

"Infidel" by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Productions

Poster by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Productions

"RIP" by Rick Stahl, Astral Turf Productions

All artwork above copywrite Rick Stahl and Astral Turf Productions:


Poster by Eric Verlo

Bumper sticker by anonymous

Bumper sticker by anonymous

Above artwork copywrite by anonymous contributor

New Colorado Barbie series from Mattel

Dumb and Dumber fishing New Orleans

NEW FEMAstall: may cause drowning and frustration