November 11
by Thomas McColluck

Where are the ''Clear Channel Patriots'' now?

Last spring they were everywhere, flying their great big flags, and accusing any who protested the war of treason. They were oh, so willing, to send others to risk their lives so they could sit in their lazy-boy recliners to watch the fireworks on Fox News and feel great about ''kicking Iraqi ass''. They dared to call their events "Support Our Troops" rallies, but they were supporting the War Administration, NOT our troops. We were on the other side of the park with signs like "No Blood for Oil", and "Support Our Troops: Bring 'Em Home Now!". Today those nationalists seem to have taken the attitude "Let 'Em Die: We're Keeping Iraq", while our message remains the same.

The RepubliCon administration has clearly not supported our troops. They sent them to die for a lie, so Bechtel, Halliburton & the military complex could bilk the taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars. They cut their pay & benefits while they were gone, and now let thousands of injured soldiers languish in military slum hospitals waiting months just to see a doctor. Veterans hospitals are shutting down, while those who will need them steadily increase. The White House has actually given the order to not inform veterans of what benefits they are legally entitled to receive, while attempting to deny ANY benefits to National Guard & Army Reservists who are fighting for their lives and BushCo profits. Cheney has even gone so far as to try and block a settlement for American POWs who were tortured in the first Gulf War (which he engineered). He wants the money to go to Halliburton, instead. Pay no attention to those stock options behind the curtain.

Neither Bush or Cheney have visited a single injured soldier, or attended even one funeral. The press is not even allowed to see the coffins of returning war dead. Rumsfeld (who can't be bothered with funerals, either) now proposes closing 1/4 of all US military bases, because they don't plan on ever bringing our troops home again. Just one endless war after another. "Support Our Troops", indeed!

About the author:
Thomas McColluck is a co-founder of the Springs Action Alliance and has done extensive work with the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. He is the webmaster of a must read site of political comment and news

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